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Reach is the fastest, safest, and easiest way to build blockchain applications.

As the gateway for all blockchain development, no matter what protocol you choose, Reach provides the tools for a DApp to be built in a matter of days instead of months.

When junior developers are comfortable building blockchain applications, decentralized applications will become mainstream.

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Blockchain in Transition Today

Blockchain is complex. And in today’s world, developers are being asked to build complex solutions without the right tools.

But we are entering a new era. An era when blockchain becomes mainstream and all developers become blockchain developers.

Reach is here to enable real world development on blockchain with simple and fast enablement tools.



Chris Swenor

Chris has over 15 years of experience managing technical teams around the world and over 2 years of experience in blockchain ventures. He has successfully “exited” from multiple start-ups. He is currently a mentor at Harvard Business School, TechStars, and MassChallenge.


Jay McCarthy

Jay received his PhD in Computer Science from Brown University. Since 2008, he has been an assistant professor of computer science, first at Brigham Young University, and then at Vassar College, and now is an associate professor of computer science at UMass Lowell.

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